Our new 2013-18
Strategic Plan

2013-18 Strategic Plan

Charting a bold new direction in health care

In 2012-13, Osler embarked on one of its most ambitious journeys to date – charting our course for the next five years. Achieving sustainable health care requires visionary thinking, taking bold new steps that challenge tradition, partnering with others to generate new opportunities for care and putting the patient at the heart of everything we do. 

The voice of the patient is ever more present at Osler. Day-to-day we are engaging patients more directly in their care. We are also working alongside them to understand their preferences and experiences so we can take action to better serve their needs.  

To help shape our 2013-18 Strategic Plan, we took unprecedented steps to initiate an inclusive and broad-based approach to engage patients, staff, physicians, volunteers, partners, donors and the community in a meaningful dialogue about Osler today and our vision for the future of health care in the communities we serve. Over a period of 200 days, we held 30 sessions with internal and external stakeholders leading to more than 12,000 interactions.  

Through advisory panel meetings, a patient experience summit, a community session, a public engagement session and a telephone town hall, participants engaged in thoughtful and dynamic discussions focused on the unique role and perspective of the patient. Internally, we encouraged staff to share their thoughts on 125 ‘strategic wallpapers’ across all sites, hosted town hall sessions and sent out ‘street teams’ to talk face-to-face with Osler employees, physicians and volunteers.  

We also struck three advisory panels to engage key external stakeholders with membership extending to more than 100 health care partners, providers, primary care practices, service and volunteer organizations, local community and business groups.  

Our consultations were informed and influenced by leading practices, data and evidence, regional and provincial priorities and the changing nature of health care delivery in Ontario. 

Through our many conversations, we heard that Osler has a leadership role in integrating activities inside and outside our walls and needs to: 

  • Continue to deliver excellent acute care 
  • Work with partners in new and different ways 
  • Continue to serve the growing and evolving community 

The demand for health care services in Osler’s communities continues to increase at an unparalleled rate. We need new thinking and new approaches that break with tradition and open doors to new opportunities to deliver care that works for patients and families. The health care of tomorrow is about working together to shape a health system that ensures patients get the care they need when and where they need it.

In January 2013 the Osler Board of Directors approved Osler’s new Strategic Plan, which will serve as the foundation for everything we do and help guide our decision-making over the next five years. 

In the coming year, we will embark on a bold new direction in health care – creating health services with an unwavering commitment to patient-inspired care, continuing the delivery of exemplary care, fostering innovative new partnerships to create a unified health system, and creating impact beyond our community through education and innovation. We will actively pursue the participation of patients and families in helping us to shape the services we provide, and continue to enhance care delivery models that improve care and lead to more efficient and effective use of hospital resources. 

Osler is ready to embrace a new direction in health care and looks forward to working together with staff, physicians, volunteers, donors, partners, patients and families in shaping a health system that focuses increasingly on the maintenance of health. 

We will actively pursue the participation of patients and families in helping us to shape the services we provide.

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Our Vision, Mission and Values


Patient-inspired health care without boundaries 


Innovative health care delivered with compassion


Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Diversity, Innovation 

Mission, Vision, Values