Medworxx improving patient flow in surgical, critical care units and MAU 

This past year, Osler implemented Medworxx as part of a multi-phase project to improve length of stay (LOS) By electronically managing patient flow in these units using Medworxx, we can support the appropriate care transitions across the continuum of care, which can lead to fewer hospital readmissions.

Osler implemented the first phase of a new training and data collection process across all medical and surgical units, critical care and medical assessment units (MAU) in the emergency department using Medworxx. Each clinical area completed the Medworxx criteria set reviews and made adjustments to the data collection tools.

Osler is also in the process of adding an estimated length of stay (ELOS) option to the “reason for visit” options in Meditech to support clinical LOS targets. This is also being added to the admission and discharge status boards so we can better monitor how quickly patients move through each unit. 

A number of departments – including decision support, coding and registration – are involved in the development for ELOS to ensure this is aligned with targets outlined by Osler, Quality Best Practice (QBP) and Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

Osler is preparing for the second phase of the project by completing advanced planning meetings with leadership teams from mental health and rehabilitation units. Site visits and collaborative team criteria set builds will begin in June and we anticipate implementing the training and data collection process roll outs in these areas in the fall of 2015.

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