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Global Health Program will take us to great places

by Osler Staff | Jul 24, 2014
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Osler is set to take the world by storm.  The new Global Health Program will combine teaching and learning with health care professionals in countries like China or India.

Created with the intention to improve and identify inequalities in health care around the world, the Global Health Program was introduced on July 22 and 23 at Osler after 18 months of planning and development.  

The program focuses on shared learning and partnerships with health care experts around the world, helping our staff become more well-rounded as a result.

The idea is not to enter a community and fix what they have been doing, but to empower local leaders to take charge of their care, says Susan deRyk, VP of Public Relations and Corporate Strategy. 

Through this process, Osler hopes to become included with other organizations’ projects and help find ways to add value to what they have already created. “We want to take the concept of going beyond, and take it beyond our walls at Osler,” says Susan.

The program hopes to not only teach, but also to learn from health systems and experts in different areas of the world, and bring that knowledge home.

“Many people from the community we serve come from other parts of the world. With them they bring their heritage, culture, genetics, and their disease processes," says Dr. Naveed Mohammad, VP, Medical Affairs. "Through our work abroad in their home countries we can develop insights into our own community,” 

There are talks of sending a small group to India to learn about its health care system, and a potential partnership and staff exchange in China. The first year of the Global Health Program will consist of learning about local issues and developing relationships with other partners and organizations.

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