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Kiss My App contest

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs

Got an eye for the latest tech trends? Does your brain think in code? Hungry for a chance to make a difference in health care? Osler is launching a mobile app development contest and the winner will take home a cash prize.

App development is the name of the game and any student enrolled in a post-secondary school full-time is welcome to play.

The contest launches on September 23 and runs for the duration of the academic year. Go for glory alone. Do it with a team. As long as the contestants are all in a Canadian university or college, it's fair game. We want you to tell us how your app idea can make an impact on patient care.

Get some good karma for developing an Apple app that will reach thousands of people. You'll also have the chance to be exposed to industry professionals.

Get all the contest rules and details: