Etobicoke General Hospital

Transforming to meet the growing needs of the community

Etobicoke General (EGH) is a busy, full-service community hospital serving the communities of Vaughan, Bolton, Caledon, east Mississauga and the northwest corner of Toronto and north Etobicoke.

EGH provides a broad range of inpatient and outpatient care services. Each year, the hospital handles over 85,000,000 emergency department patient visits, delivers more than 2,800 babies, and performs close to 20,000 surgeries. EGH is also a ‘first responder’ during any medical crisis at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The hospital opens a new four-storey patient tower on June 23, 2019 to meet the needs of the growing community. Together with the opening of the Etobicoke Wellness Centre (EWC) building in August 2018, the site at Etobicoke General Hospital is being transformed to meet the needs of its growing community. 

Learn more about this exciting expansion and what it means for the community. 

Get directions, maps and parking information


Please note: the new site map and layout comes into effect on June 23, when the new patient tower opens.

Beside each program/service we indicate the nearest elevator. 
Atrium (A) elevators are at the west end of the building (just inside the new main entrance) and Lobby (L) elevators are at the east end of the building.

Etobicoke General - Site Map

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Etobicoke General - Main Level

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  • Patient Registration (use new main entrance)
  • Café (use new main entrance)
  • Diagnostic Imaging - Main* (use new main entrance)
  • Emergency Department (use new Emergency entrance)
  • Gift Shop (use new main entrance)
  • Parking Office (use new main entrance)
  • Patient Experience Office (use new main entrance)
  • Security office (use new main entrance)
  • Tim Hortons (use new main entrance)

Etobicoke General - Level 3 or C

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  • Critical Care - formerly Intensive Care and Coronary Care Units (use Atrium elevators)
  • Bridge to Etobicoke Wellness Centre (use Atrium elevators)
  • Cafeteria (use Lobby elevators)

Etobicoke General - Level 4

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  • Birthing Unit - Labour and Delivery (use Atrium elevators)
  • Mother/Baby Unit - Postpartum/Combined Care (use Lobby elevators)
  • Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit - NICU (use Atrium elevators)
  • Women’s and Children’s Outpatient Clinics (use Atrium elevators)

Etobicoke General - Level 5

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  • Mental Health Inpatient Unit (use Lobby elevators)
  • Mental Health Outpatient Clinics (use Lobby elevators)

Etobicoke General - Level 6

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  • Paediatric Inpatient Unit (use Lobby elevators)
  • Paediatric Day Surgery (use Lobby elevators)
  • Paediatric Outpatient Clinics (use Lobby elevators)
  • Urgent Paediatric Assessment Clinic (use Lobby elevators)
  • Physiotherapy (use Lobby elevators)

Etobicoke General - Level 7

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  • Cardiology Inpatient Unit (use Lobby elevators)
  • Neurology Inpatient Unit (use Lobby elevators)

Etobicoke General - Level 8

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  • General Surgery and Orthopaedic Inpatient Units (use Lobby elevators)

Etobicoke General - Level 9

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  • General Medicine Inpatient Unit - 9 West (use Lobby elevators)
  • Medicine and Palliative Services Inpatient Unit - 9 East (use Lobby elevators)

Etobicoke General - Level 10

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  • General Medicine Respirology Inpatient Unit - 10 West (use Lobby elevators)
  • Oncology/Palliative Care Clinic (use Lobby elevators)
  • Nephrology Clinic - 10 East (use Lobby elevators)

Etobicoke General - Lower Level

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  • Ambulatory (Day) Procedures Unit - Endoscopy, Cystoscopy and Minor Procedures (use Atrium elevators)
  • Outpatient Diagnostics - Cardiology, Respiratory and Neurodiagnostics (use Atrium elevators)
  • Medical Clinics - Haematology, Oncology, Urgent Medical, Palliative and Infusion (use Atrium elevators)
  • Nuclear Medicine (use Lobby elevators)
  • Hand Therapy - Outpatient (use Lobby elevators)
  • Foundation Office (use Lobby elevators)
  • Health Records (use Lobby elevators)
  • Access to outdoor garden (use Atrium elevators)

Etobicoke Wellness Centre (EWC)

Etobicoke Wellness Centre, a state-of-the-art medical building on the site of Etobicoke General Hospital. Located just across the parking lot from the main hospital, the Etobicoke Wellness Centre is home to several of Etobicoke General’s outpatient and support services.

These include:

  • A fracture clinic;
  • Some diagnostic imaging services (bone mineral density, x-ray, ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, and mammography);
  • A pre-anesthesia clinic;
  • A diabetes education clinic;
  • IT training rooms; and
  • A new 30-station satellite dialysis program, plus six stations for home hemodialysis that will open in 2019.

Etobicoke Wellness Centre also houses doctors’ offices. See site map above for more details on the EWC's location, entrance and parking.

Have an appointment at the Etobicoke Wellness Centre (EWC)? 

What you should know:

  • The EWC is just across the parking lot from the main hospital, right off Humber College Blvd;
  • Park in the hospital’s public parking area;
  • Your appointment letter will tell you which floor to go to and how register;
  • Volunteers will be in the EWC lobby, standing by to help you.

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