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To the future: a unified health system based on bold, innovative partnerships

As a primary health care physician, a CCAC team member or another health or social service provider in the Osler community, you are among Osler’s most important partners.  Together, we share a desire to optimize health care resources and ensure seamless and timely access to care for our patients. 

Going forward, we want to work with you to improve access to health care services across our region, promote healthy living, and help patients prevent or manage chronic conditions.  We are deeply interested in redefining the meaning of ‘hospital’, fostering relationships with community practices to build system capacity and generally helping create a unified and dramatically improved health care system. 

You’ve told us that improving the way we communicate and share information with you is one of most fundamental things we can do to set the stage for a more collaborative relationship.

We're listening.

In 2011, we launched Bridging the Gap, a pilot program focused on improving communication and information sharing between Osler’s hospitalists and family doctors in the community.  The hospitalist in charge of a patient’s care makes sure the family doctor is aware the patient has been admitted and both professionals discuss follow-up care when the patient is being discharged.  The very successful program was expanded in 2012.

This dedicated section of our new website provides another opportunity to focus on your needs. As well as services and referral information, it includes descriptions and links to community resources, information about our health care partnerships, quality improvement efforts, plans for the future, and much more.  

We hope you will find it a helpful resource and we invite your feedback so that we can continually enhance and expand the content.

It’s our way of saying how much we value your partnership – and how much we want to work with you to make this health care system even better.


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