Aiming for an exceptional patient experience every time.

We understand that an excellent patient experience involves the delivery of safe, high quality care, delivered with compassion. 

Our definition of Patient Experience at Osler is informed by the work done through the Beryl Institute:

"The sum of all interactions shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care."

In August, 2014, Osler, CW CCAC and HHCC integrated our non-clinical support functions in an effort to better serve our patients and families, and support a more unified health care system.

This voluntary cross-sector integration – a first in the province – is a milestone step towards our shared vision of a more integrated, patient-centric health care system that is easier for people to access, understand, and navigate. 

This integration provides an opportunity to better understand what is important for patients as they move along the continuum of care and to create a unified health system with seamless transitions between providers. 

Patient Experience at Osler  is guided by our Vision, Mission and four strategic priorities as outlined in our Strategic Plan.

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