Welcome Booklet

Our Welcome Booklet outlines all the important information you will need prior to admission as an inpatient. Feel free to download and print this information before coming to the hospital.






What to bring for your stay

Prescription drugs and medications

  • Please bring your medications with you, in their original containers as there is important information on the labels. If you take a drug that is not normally kept in the hospital, we may ask you to use your own supply during your stay.
  • If you cannot bring your medications, please bring a list of any prescription and non-prescription drugs you are taking. Include the name, strength, how much you take and when you take it.

Pocket change

  • We suggest you bring a small amount of money for newspapers or small items from the hospital's Gift Shop.
  • If you want a television in your room, there is a small deposit for the daily charge.
  • Please do not bring large amounts of money as there is no place to secure it. The hospital is not responsible for your money or valuables while you are a patient.

Personal items

  • Clothing: the hospital will supply a standard gown/pyjama pants for you to wear.  You may wish to bring your own sleepwear, a bathrobe and slippers.  If you wear glasses, have a hearing aid, or use a walking aid such as a walker, cane or splint, please don't forget to bring them also.
  • Toiletries: bring your personal care items such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, comb and hairbrush.  These items are not supplied by the hospital. A limited selection of personal care items can also be purchased in our Gift Shop.

Electrical items

  • You may bring electric shavers, hair dryers, portable radios, CD and DVD players, as long as they are in good working order, CSA approved, and have been checked by the hospital prior to use. These units may not be used if you are connected to medical equipment or receiving oxygen.

What you Should NOT Bring


Please leave your valuables, such as jewelry and credit cards, at home. The hospital is not responsible for them while you are a patient.

Entertainment, grooming or other electrical devices

Hospitals contain sensitive patient monitoring devices that may be upset by electronic emissions or improperly shielded appliances. The use of entertainment, grooming or other electrical devices may also interfere with the comfort of other patients. In addition, if these devices are not in good working order, they may present a fire hazard. Please leave the following devices at home:

  • Cell phones may be used in public areas of the hospital, but not near any medical equipment
  • Televisions and telephones (both are already installed in the rooms and are available for a fee)
  • Heating devices of any type, such as heating pads, curling irons or portable heaters
  • Extension cords or power bars
  • Items that produce sparks or heat

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