Conducting research at Osler: what you need to know

Before you commence any research-related activities at Osler, please submit your research study through the Research Office and make sure that:

1. You have written approval from Osler’s Research Ethics Board

2. You have Operation Approvals

Will you will be using Osler resources or facilities (e.g., Diagnostic Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Health Information Management), or accessing patients or staff to carry out your research?  If “yes”, you must obtain an Operational Approval from each area. The person responsible for approving your request will determine whether their area is able to support your research.

3. You have a formal Research Agreement

Osler’s Research Office facilitates the review and negotiations of all Agreements (for example, Non-Disclosure Agreements / Confidentiality Agreements; Clinical Trial Agreements; Site Agreements; Material Transfer Agreements; Data Transfer Agreements). The Research Office will also ensure the agreement undergoes legal review to ensure that the interests of the Institution are protected. 

Each final agreement must be signed by an authorized signatory from Osler. One fully signed copy of the agreement will be maintained by Osler.


Ron Heslegrave, PhD
Chief of Research, Research Program
(905)494-2120 ext. 57767

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