Patient Experience improvements in Osler’s Emergency Department

As one of the busiest EDs in Canada, Osler staff and physicians are constantly working to provide patient-inspired care while also making changes to improve the experience for everyone who comes through our doors.

One of these improvements is a new Emergency Department (ED) Patient Experience Program, recently launched at Brampton Civic and Etobicoke General. 

This innovative program is designed to provide comfort, care and enhanced communications to patients, families and visitors in the ED. The ED Patient Experience Team is working closely with the clinical team to:

  • Proactively interact with patients, families and visitors to ensure they have a positive experience;
  • Conduct frequent rounds in the ED to assist with the needs of people waiting for care (e.g. answering questions, offering pillows, activities, etc.);
  • Identify and address the concerns of those waiting for care; and,
  • Act as a liaison to facilitate enhanced two-way communication between patients and clinical teams.

The ED Patient Experience Team is made up of Osler patient experience representatives and specially-designated ED patient experience staff and are onsite and in the ED daily, including weekends, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

A podium has been set up in a central location in the EDs at both sites to act as the home base for the ED Patient Experience Team. They will also wear red jackets so they are easily visible. 

This program is the latest in a long list of initiatives we have introduced to enhance the experience of our patients and their families in the EDs. Other initiatives include:

  • Introducing Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to acute care areas and adding more physician hours, which helps us to better manage patient volumes, reduce wait times and shorten stays.
  • Working with our community partners at Peel Regional Police to reduce offload times and transfer of accountability for mental health patients so officers can return to the community faster.
  • Displaying wait times at nursing stations in the Ambulatory Treatment Centres (ATC).

As part of our commitment to our Vision – patient-inspired health care without boundaries – we are continuously exploring innovative approaches to provide safe, high-quality care delivered with compassion at Osler. At the heart of quality health care is an exemplary patient experience.

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