Services at Peel Memorial

An urgent care centre

Peel Memorial serves people who have a non-life-threatening illness or injuries that don’t require immediate surgery or an overnight hospital stay. Learn more about our Urgent Care Centre.

A day surgery facility

You can have your surgical procedure and go home the same day.
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More than 80 per cent of surgeries performed today are done on a day surgery outpatient basis and research shows people recover faster at home. Peel Memorial’s day surgery facility gives patients better access to surgery. Day surgery procedures include cataract surgery, orthopaedic surgery, knee scoping procedures, cystoscopy, ophthalmology, urology, and minor gynaecology procedures.

Chronic Disease Management

Peel Memorial brings a fresh, innovative approach to caring for and supporting patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and asthma.

Women’s, children’s and adolescent services

Health care and wellness services and programs for every age and stage.
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Peel Memorial offers services to address the health care needs of women of all ages as well as pregnant women, moms and their newborn babies, and children with health conditions. Family physicians, obstetricians, paediatricians, specialists, midwives, nurses and nurse practitioners provide care in a range of clinics and programs. Expectant mothers receive prenatal education and monitoring. Mammograms and bone density scans will help women maximize their health at all stages in life.

Seniors' wellness

Seniors and their families have access to a team of professionals specializing in geriatric and preventive health care.
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Seniors are assisted in getting prompt access to outreach and outpatient services, like physiotherapy, that help them maintain their independence at home and in the community. There are specialized geriatric clinics like stroke and fall prevention. Short-term rehabilitation is available for seniors with complex medical and functional issues.

High-tech diagnostics

You can have your CT, bone density scan, ultrasound or mammogram right here.
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Peel Memorial offers high-end diagnostic services including radiography, mammography, ultrasound, CT scans and bone mineral density tests. Through a specialized electronic network, family doctors and other health care providers are able to read image results from any site, giving patients timely and accurate diagnoses.

Day clinics for dialysis

Patients living with kidney disease have close access to the best of care, right in their community. Peel Memorial has 12 hemodialysis stations operating three ‘shifts’ a day.  Patients who come here also receive education and training to help them manage their condition.

Community Mental Health and Addictions services

Individuals and families can get their treatment, counselling and support close to home.
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One in five people will develop a health or addiction problem at some point in their life. At Peel Memorial, mental health and addiction services ensure adults, teens and children living with mental health conditions have access to safe, respectful and effective care on an urgent or scheduled basis.

Social workers, psychiatrists, counselors and family physicians provide primary care consultation, treatment, clinics and outreach to community partners.

Learn to live healthily

We want to help you be your best. Health education is a big part of Peel Memorial. We’ll work with you to help you prevent health issues, manage your chronic disease and live a healthy, active life.

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