Critical Care

Osler cares for patients who need intensive monitoring and treatment due to a serious illness or injury.

Facilities and services include:

Intensive Care Units (ICUs) at both our Brampton Civic and Etobicoke General locations.

A Surgical Intermediate Care Unit (SIMCU) at Brampton Civic. The SIMCU provides a level of care between what a patient would receive on a general patient care unit and the ICU.

Partnership with Trillium Health Partners in the West GTA Stroke Network: Osler has partnered with Trillium Health Partners (the Regional Stroke Centre) to ensure that anyone living in the area served by Osler who suffers a stroke will receive comprehensive stroke care. Depending on the condition and treatment needs, patients will either be cared for at Osler, or they will be re-directed to Trillium Health Partners for specific stroke treatment (e.g. endovascular therapy). If treatment at Trillium Health Partners is required, patients will be transferred back to one of Osler’s hospitals once stable, to continue their recovery.

24/7 Code STEMI program: Patients arriving with heart attacks arising from a blocked coronary artery bypass the Emergency Department at Brampton Civic and go straight to Osler’s cardiac catheterization lab.

At Etobicoke General, patients are immediately redirected to Brampton Civic for this care. Cardiologists use a balloon catheter and stent to quickly open the blocked artery.


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