The Laboratory at William Osler Health System is accredited to the IQMH Standard. This provides formal recognition to an international ISO standard with particular requirements for quality and competence of medical laboratories.

Accreditation to this internationally recognized standard assures consistency in the quality of care the laboratory provides, up to date technology reflecting best practice with competent staff to perform assigned tasks.

Laboratory services are patient focused and involve all staff in the continual monitoring and improvement of service.



The Laboratories at William Osler Health System are accredited with ISO 15189Plus™ Accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to quality.

Services include:

  • Anatomical and Surgical Pathology

  • Clinical Chemistry 

  • Cytology 

  • Flow Cytometry 

  • Hematology 

  • Microbiology

  • Point of Care Testing

  • Transfusion Medicine - performing blood typing and compatibility testing

Partnering for the benefit of our clients

William Osler Health System Laboratories have several partnerships with other hospital and community laboratories in order to provide a seamless service for our clients.

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