Aiming for an exceptional patient experience every time.

Patient experience is patient satisfaction, safety, access to care, quality of care that is consistently delivered with compassion.

Our patients have the right to receive safe, high-quality and respectful care experiences and have the opportunity to be full partners in their health decisions. 

We seek to understand the needs of individuals, families and communities and factors that influence the ability to access and receive health care, like culture, gender, age, language, etc.

We also believe in working with patients, families and communities to encourage a healthy lifestyle and proactively support self management of chronic health conditions.

Everyone's goal is to facilitate safe transitions, like going from home to hospital and hospital back to home, and that your health information is shared at the right time with the right provider. This extends to people living in the community so that they can remain at home and maximize their independence.

Patient Experience at Osler  is guided by our Vision, Mission and four strategic priorities as outlined in our Strategic Plan.

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