Osler resuming non-urgent surgeries and procedures

While Osler staff and physicians work on the front lines, caring for patients, the hospital has also been gradually, safely and sustainably resuming elective/non-urgent services.

Currently, Osler is near its pre-COVID patient volumes in all service areas. This includes surgical procedures, endoscopies, cardiac diagnostics, cardiac procedures, and diagnostic imaging.

As it has done throughout the pandemic, Osler has continued to conduct emergent and urgent surgeries and procedures.

Osler’s phased approach to its recovery plan which allows the organization to safely resume services, while remaining flexible and able to scale back in the event of additional waves of COVID-19.

Osler’s top priority remains the health and safety of patients and the community, and its staff, physicians, and volunteers. Osler’s hospitals are safe places to come for care, and we are taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of those who come through our doors.

Where possible, Osler will continue to offer virtual care before asking a patient to attend in-person, in order to minimize the number of patients coming to our hospitals.

Osler looks forward to resuming operations fully.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which surgeries and procedures are being resumed?

Osler is resuming key priority on-site elective services. This includes surgical procedures, endoscopies, cardiac diagnostics, cardiac procedures, and diagnostic imaging. Many Osler services have transitioned to virtual care, and when possible, this will continue in order to minimize the number of patients who are required to come to the hospital.

Do I need to be concerned about my health and safety when I come to the hospital?

Please be assured that Osler remains a safe place. Your health and safety is the top priority. Patients should attend scheduled appointments as directed.

Osler has implemented enhanced cleaning practices and safety measures. Everyone who enters the hospitals, including patients, staff, physicians, and visitors (where permitted) will be screened and required to wear a mask. Where possible, patient screening and/or COVID-19 testing will also taken place prior to any procedure or appointment.

What happens if I do not pass screening?

Patients who do not pass screening will be asked to contact their clinical team immediately so that the appropriate arrangements can be made to safely accommodate them for their procedure.

How did Osler decide which services to resume?

Osler’s decision making is guided by an ethical prioritization framework. The framework considers many factors, as well as the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health.

How will I know if my procedure has been rescheduled?

Patients will be contacted by their physician or health care team, who will explain any requirements before the appointment. Osler is working diligently to serve patients and understands that many people have been anxiously waiting for their appointments – please be patient. The health and safety of all remains the top priority. If your condition or symptoms worsen, or you have urgent health care concerns, please visit the closest Emergency Department.

Why were surgeries and procedures cancelled?

In March, due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario, the government asked that all Ontario hospitals scale down on non-urgent surgeries and clinical activity. This was done so health care staff and physicians could better prepare, and preserve capacity for possible elevation in cases that require hospital care. Urgent and emergency procedures have continued during this period. 


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