Attending to your spiritual health

Spirituality is the part of human life and experience that deals with processing what happens in our lives and finding meaning, purpose, and value. Spirituality is that part of ourselves that seeks answers to the profound questions of existence: “Why did this happen”, “How will I cope with changes and loss”, and “What meaning can I make from this” are a few examples. Often, a hospital stay for ourselves or a loved one can bring about a spiritual crisis, when we face many of these profound questions at the same time. 

When to Seek Spiritual Health Therapy

  • When a patient, their family members or everyone involved, is struggling with impending surgery, prognosis or diagnosis, death and dying, or significant loss 
  • When a patient is close to death or has died
  • When a patient or family member feels that they are “looking for answers”, or is struggling with questions of meaning or purpose, like “Why is this happening?” or “What do I do now?”
  • If a patient or family member requests support from a community faith group, or is in need of a specific religious service or ritual.
  • If a patient or family member is expressing their feelings in religious language that others may not know how to respond to, for example, “Is God punishing me or my family member by making us suffer?” 
  • If a patient expresses unresolved feelings of guilt or unsettled emotions about life events from the past. 
  • If a patient or family member mentions feelings of isolation, depression, feeling disconnected, or having no purpose.

What we offer

  • An opportunity to explore the spiritual significance and meaning of illness, suffering, and life transitions
  • A chance to express feelings and concerns
  • Encouragement and solace
  • Support for loss and grief
  • Opportunities for prayer, meditation, and reflection
  • Facilitation of religious or spiritual rituals when requested
  • Facilitation of link to faith community
  • Support through one to one visits
  • Open conversation in the event of an ethical concern or dilemma

How to reach Osler's Spiritual Health Therapy team

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Phone: 905-494-2120 ext. 50103

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