Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) submissions

Clinical Trials Ontario is an independent not-for-profit organization established with support from the Ontario Government. Working with REBs and institutions across the province, CTO has built a system that allows one Research Ethics Board (REB) to oversee the ethical conduct of research occurring at multiple sites in Ontario. All reviews are conducted by a CTO Qualified REB, ensuring the highest ethical standards are maintained.

William Osler Health System is a Participating Site on CTO. Please note that, all other required institutional approvals must also be obtained prior to the conduct of the study at Osler (e.g. Contracts, Institutional Authorization, etc).

How does CTO work?

Before starting a CTO application, Osler investigators must be registered with a CTO account. Further, the study should be consulted by the investigators department head/lead prior to initiating the application. If you are planning to submit an application through CTO Stream, please use the current SRERS administration form for Osler. The SRERS administration form contains details about a site’s research administration processes, the name and contact information for the primary and/or secondary institution representative (required for initial application) and lists collaborators who must have access to the applications in CTO Stream.

See a diagram of the process for starting a CTO application

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