Conducting research at Osler

Applying for Research Ethics Board approval

If you are planning to conduct research activities at William Osler Health System you will need to apply for Research Ethics Board (REB) review and approval prior to conducting your research study. To apply for REB review, you must obtain all of the following:

  1. Identify a Principal Investigator (PI). A PI is someone is who taking overall responsibility for the research study at Osler. You must have a staff appointment at Osler in order to act as a PI – residents, volunteers and students at Osler cannot act as a PI.

  2. All individuals conducting research activities have completed the necessary training (TCPS2, GCP, Health Canada Division 5) based on the study type.

  3. You have obtained departmental approval from the department head/lead the research study will impact.

  4. If the research study is initiated elsewhere, please provide the REB approval letter from the lead REB site.

When you are ready to submit your study for review, please submit:

  1. A completed REB Initial Application Checklist

  2. A (one) completed REB Initial Application Form

  3. Study protocol and all supporting documents (i.e., consent form, surveys, data collection forms, master linking logs, scripts, etc.)

  4. Copies of research training certificates. To determine what training is required for your research study, please visit our research training webpage

All REB submissions should be emailed to

Before you start any research-related activities at Osler, you must have the following:

  1. Obtained an REB approval letter from the William Osler Health System REB

  2. You have obtained Institutional Authorization - this step is required for all research involving human subjects at Osler

    • The Impact Assessment (IA) process is a way to obtain approval from departments or areas of the Institution where approval is required prior to initiating the study.

    • Please review the Osler IA Guideline and complete the IA Form. Email completed IA form to the Research Manager.

  3. You have a formal research contract or agreement in place (if applicable)

If the study requires a research contract, this must be in place prior to conducting any research activities. For example, Non-Disclosure Agreements/Confidentiality Agreements; Clinical Trial Agreements; Site Agreements; Material Transfer Agreements; Data Transfer Agreements. Osler’s Research Administration Office facilitates the review and negotiations of all research contracts and will also ensure the contract undergoes legal review to ensure that the interests of the Institution are protected.

The final agreement must be signed by an authorized signatory from Osler. A fully executed copy of the contract will be maintained by Osler.

If you have any questions or require a research contract, please contact the Research Contracts Specialist at

Have any other questions?
Michelle Dimas, MSc
Research Ethics Board Coordinator
(905)494-2120 ext. 50448

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