In partnership with others, Osler provides progressive, timely and compassionate services for cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment.

The William Osler Health System (Osler) Oncology Team is dedicated to providing the best cancer care possible. 

As a member of the Mississauga Halton Central West Regional Cancer Program, and in partnership with Cancer Care Ontario, we strive to provide exceptional, compassionate care for people impacted by cancer.  Together, we aim to:

  • Support the whole person by working together to deliver patient centered care that addresses physical, mental and social needs of patients and caregivers.
  • Work with our partners to provide seamless care transitions along the cancer care journey.
  • Incorporate the voice of people impacted by cancer to deliver the best possible experience.
  • Provide patients with timely access to high quality care.


Oncology Clinic: COVID-19 Information

Please find below information for Oncology Clinic patients and visitors about recent changes and precautions taken at Osler to help ensure the health and safety of patients, families, staff, physicians, volunteers and the community. For more general information about Osler’s response to COVID-19, please click here.

Please note that information about COVID-19 continues to change daily, and we will endeavour to provide updates as the situation evolves. Please check back often.
- Last updated March 19, 2020

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Is my Oncology Clinic appointment cancelled because of COVID-19?

The Oncology Clinic at Brampton Civic Hospital remains open for appointments.

Osler is temporarily cancelling many non-urgent services and procedures effective Thursday, March 19. These changes are necessary to protect the health and safety of our patients, families, staff, physicians, volunteers and the community, as well as to enable Osler to better prepare and preserve capacity for a possible elevation in COVID-19 cases that require hospital care.

Osler is currently working through these plans, and will be calling any impacted patients directly. You may be contacted to reschedule your appointment or set up a phone or virtual appointment. If you do not hear from the oncology team, your appointment will remain as planned.

Appointments for Etobicoke General Hospital are entering phase one of our recovery plan. We are gradually opening our services 1 day a week. You will receive a phone call if you are required to come on site to Etobicoke General for your appointment.

Please see below important changes to Osler’s visitor policy.

What is Osler doing to protect oncology patients? We are the immuno-compromised and that puts us at higher risk of serious complications from COVID-19.

At Osler, everyone’s health and safety is a top priority. We are taking all precautions, including limiting the number of people on site through active screening at entrances and enacting a ‘no visitors’ policy. Our Infection Prevention and Control team is diligent in ensuring best practices are maintained, surfaces are cleaned often, and proper personal protective equipment is used when needed. We will ensure that all protocols are followed to protect you while you are on site. Physicians are being encouraged to consider telephone or virtual appointments so that you can access care from home, if possible.

Can I still bring my family member to their appointment? My friend/family member is an inpatient on a cancer unit. Can I still visit?

Effective Thursday, March 19, Osler is shifting to a ‘no visitor’ policy in our continuing proactive efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect patients, families, staff, physicians, volunteers and the community. The following exceptions apply:

  • One (1) visitor for all paediatric patients within the hospital and COVID-19 Assessment Centre
  • One (1) support partner for all Labour & Delivery and Post-Partum patients within the hospital and COVID-19 Assessment Centre
  • One (1) visitor for frail elderly or patients with disabilities being assessed in the COVID-19 Assessment Centre
  • 1-2 visitors for patients at end-of-life, as arranged with the clinical team

How will I receive prescriptions or other referrals for my treatment if I am doing a telephone visit or virtual care visit?

Following your telephone or virtual consultation, if a prescription is required, it will be faxed to your community pharmacy. If you need a refill on your prescription, please contact your community pharmacy.

Patients should keep fax numbers for their pharmacies, physiotherapy or other services readily available.

I can’t get through to the Clinic on the phone. What do I do?

We are experiencing a high volume of phone calls and you may experience a wait in speaking with someone. We understand this is frustrating at this uncertain time. Thank you for your patience as our staff work to answer questions and re-book appointments as needed.

I don’t feel well. Is it COVID-19? What do I do?

If you have difficulty breathing or other severe symptoms and need immediate medical help, please call 9-1-1.

If you feel slightly unwell, please call the clinic at (905) 494-6542 for further direction.

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