We are pleased you have decided to give birth at our hospital. 

The focus of our care is to recognize your expectations and promote an excellent birth experience for you and your family. We encourage you to take an active role in your care. As a new parent eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new baby, you may find there is a lot to learn and remember. We invite you to discuss your care with us and any questions you may have.

William Osler Health System protects and promotes breastfeeding as the normal and healthy way to feed babies. Our nurses are trained in assisting mothers to breastfeed and we offer a breastfeeding class daily run by a lactation consultant. You can also access breastfeeding help after you go home with your baby from your local public health unit and our hospital’s outpatient breastfeeding clinic.

We are here for you

Please rest assured that at Osler, your health and safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing safe, compassionate and high-quality health care at our hospitals and are taking every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who comes through our doors. Among our many safety measures, we are:

  • implementing enhanced cleaning practices and safety measures
  • actively screening all staff, physicians and outpatients
  • providing masks to everyone who comes to our hospitals
  • enforcing a ‘no visitor’ policy, with some exceptions for Labour & Delivery and postpartum
  • restricting the items that can be brought to our sites
  • we continue to review existing measures and consider new ones on a regular basis, as needed, to ensure the continued safety of our community

Learn more about our updated ‘no visitor’ policy and the exceptions that apply to you.

Getting there

Please ensure you give yourself additional time to arrive at the hospital. You will be screened upon entry and provided with a mask.

Brampton Civic Hospital

Please park in Lot 7 and enter through the Main Entrance. Take the Snow elevators to the 3rd floor, Labour and Delivery Unit.

Etobicoke General Hospital

Please park in parking lot near Humber College Blvd. and enter through the Main Entrance. Take the West Wing elevators to Level 4, Birthing Unit.

Our expert birthing team looks forward to welcoming you and your baby.

Our Labour and Delivery Team welcomes you!

         Just one of the rooms we have for mother and baby

If you are in labour, please go directly to Labour and Delivery.

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